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Concierge Service Explained with Author Yashalina Blair

The following are the words of Yashalina Blair, Archway Publishing author of “Dr. Romy’s Dance.” Learn more about Yashalina by visiting her author website, twitter, or Facebook page. Download the Archway Publishing free publishing guide for more information on our supported self-publishing services

Publishing Dr. Romy

My name is Yashalina Blair. I have recently published my first book with Archway titled, Dr. Romy’s Dance. The novel is a romance about Jerome, a young man attending school for medicine. When Jerome’s father suddenly dies leaving the family in financial hardship his mother makes a life-altering request: quit school, come home, and take a job with the degree he has. Determined to become a doctor, Jerome decides to stay in school and moonlight as a male exotic dancer.

Working with Archway has been a great pleasure. I chose to work with Archway because I loved the feeling of closeness I got when speaking with the crew. They made me feel as though I was a priority through the entire process and that was priceless. I secondarily chose Archway due to their variety of publishing packages. There were many packages to choose from, depending on your need and budget. I chose a package in the middle but in retrospect, I should have chosen one with marketing included. Marketing is part of two premium packages, which is much needed for a new author unknown to the world.

Concierge Services

The best part of my Archway experience was having a personal concierge. She was definitely worth her weight in gold! Her focus was on submitting forms and paperwork – being a liaison. Her role is far more concentrated, but this is my best summary. An Archway concierge sets up ISBN’s, submits forms, and deals with copyrighting. This allows authors to focus on their manuscripts and forgo the politics. My concierge always knew exactly what needed to be done next, and usually gave me a time frame to expect its completion. As a sidebar, I’d like to note, it was usually completed sooner than estimated.

I believe I will publish with Archway once again, and definitely with the wonderful assistance of a concierge!


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