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Controlling the Course of Events

The following are the words of Kathleen Glassburn, Archway Publishing author of “Making It Work.” For more on the author, visit her website and Facebook. Download the Archway Publishing free publishing guide for more information on our supported self-publishing services.

My Journey to Self-Publishing

Reading and writing stories have been part of my life since first grade. The library was a more inviting place than the playground. I earned a BA in English and went on to earn an MFA in Creative Writing with an emphasis on Fiction. After having many short stories published, I wrote my first novel and decided to publish it. With an employment background in business, I am organized and don’t like to do projects according to other people’s timetables (or lack of timetables). I’m not patient when I have to wait around for things that I think could have been done in a more expeditious manner. I also don’t like my work being part of someone’s slush pile.

A friend had a book done by Archway Publishing and she gave an excellent recommendation. With my characteristics (I don’t like to call myself a “control freak” but perhaps, at times, this is a good description) I decided that self-publishing would be right for me.

Why I Love Archway

My novel has now been available for several months. It has received positive responses from readers (friends, acquaintances, as well as professionals with whom I’m not familiar). The book itself is beautiful. The cover that I was helped to choose is exactly as I wanted it to be. The text is clean. And, the symbolic images representing a major theme are tastefully done. Also, the book was completed in a timely way. I never had to wait for responses to my questions or updates on progress. Because of Archway’s conscientious attention to providing a meticulous package, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed interacting with my team of well-qualified and knowledgeable people.

I am so pleased with my novel that I have contracted for them to do a collection of my published short stories. I look forward to seeing these in an equally-beautiful book sometime this year.

To me, as a business-minded, independent person, who loves to write fiction, this is the most telling detail of my Archway experience — I am a return client.

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2 thoughts on “Controlling the Course of Events

  1. Hello Kathleen! The wonderful team at Archway just sent me an email about your Archway Blog Post. Debasree Ghosh is a great leader, I must say. I, too, had my words posted on her Blog on 1/23/2018. The reason I’m making a comment to you is because I felt that we have so many things in common. A lot of the things you said are a big part of my own personality. I’ve already visited several of your published online sites. At my current age of 75 I need all the help I can get {regarding the marketing stage}. Because of you, Kathleen, I’ve searched & found many resources that I haven’t heard of before. After I finish my thoughts to you now, I’m planning to locate your recent book “Making It Work.” Obviously, you’re way ahead of me as you’ve published a lot of things. My first book “Beyond Coincidence” became live on 11/3/2017. Since then, I’ve sort of reached a roadblock right now. Because you’ve shared many ideas about marketing, you’ve made me think the green light has just appeared. All my best for your continued successes!

  2. Thanks, Edna. It’s always gratifying to know that something I’ve written has meant something to a reader. I’m wishing for your success, too. Keep it up. There are many times when I wonder what I should write about. Lots of ideas but certainly nothing fully formed. They’re never fully formed and that’s what I have to accept. Start writing and maybe, just maybe, it will lead to something meaningful. None of it is ever wasted. Even if my scribblings of the day don’t seem to lead anywhere they give me insight to my own thought patterns and concerns of the moment — often helping me to find direction. An instructor of mine from long ago would say, “Trust the process.” Good advice for me.
    Best of luck with your endeavors. ~ Kathleen

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