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The Different Types of Editing

Editing Advice from Archway

“Terms in editing can be confusing,” claims the post The Different Types of Editing, from Archway Publishing. “When hiring an editor, always speak to him or her about exactly what the editing includes.”

This advice is excellent because sometimes even experienced writers are confused about the differences between copy-editing and developmental editing. Other types of editing like line editing and mechanical editing sound—and can be sold—as if they are the same thing.


Choosing the right kind of editing can result in the success or failure of your book project. Think of how often you’ve opened a book and then found mistakes. Think about stories you’ve read where the characters act uncharacteristically, or the plot go off on a weird tangent. These are some of the flaws a good editor will catch and warn you about.

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Every book is unique, and every writer is unique. But when you’re getting ready to have your manuscript edited, you need to know what kind of editing to look for.

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