Inspiration Behind My Book and Self-Publishing with Archway Publishing

The following are the words of Lawrence Bodner, author of IBS is BS. Download the Archway Publishing free publishing guide for more information on our supported self-publishing services. 

What key drivers inspired me to write my book?

The first driver must be your burning desire to get your story or message out to the general public. Writing is an art that is usually innate and therefore difficult to cultivate. Writing is usually stimulated by one’s desire to get their story out in order to entertain, educate, influence and or effect social change in the reading public.

The reason for choosing a self-publishing venue is truly due to the metamorphosis and change that occurred in the publishing industry. In realistic terms, mainline publishing companies are very selective and the process that an author must go through to get noticed is an arduous and almost impossible task being a first-time entrant. bookIf you attempt to submit your manuscript, your work could feasibly sit in a pile with other first time submissions until the mainline publisher has a lull or a drought in submitted manuscripts from well know existing authors. The beauty of working with Archway is that it is an imprint of Simon and Schuster and is their parent company. Naturally, Simon and Schuster will cull Archway’s inventory of recent works periodically in order to reprint on their imprint as need arises for new material, resulting in your book going mainstream.

When you decide to write a book you must first decide why you want to write your book as listed in the first driver. The success of your published work is often driven by need and desire for your subject matter. If you are writing for entertainment, make sure that your book flows, offers intrigue and keeps the reader guessing which in turn will lead them to the finish line.

My book is titled IBS is BS  which was fostered by a potential desire from seventy million Americans  seeking answers and solutions to their condition called IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). That number is the estimate of the amount of Americans that suffer from IBS. Few of these people achieve relief or resolve. I was one of those people who suffered for fifteen years and therefore I devoted these past three years to research which encompassed studying and reviewing research work up to the first quarter of this year, Through my extensive studies I was able to figure out the cause of this disorder(s) and I developed an effective treatment protocol.

My goal is to get my message out to the general public. It is safe to assume that every one of us knows a family member, friend, relative or co-worker who suffers from this condition. The frustration that IBS sufferers have with going from doctor to doctor and not discovering the cause of their condition or an effective treatment exacts a heavy toll on the patient.

Why is IBS is BS so unique and different?

There is no other book in print that has the information, discoveries, and treatment that IBS is BS  has to offer the reader. The book provides the answers to the IBS suffer for the first time because they never received answers to their questions from their physicians. The book is written in layman’s language and utilizes interesting and easy to understand analogies that make it easy for the IMG_1554.JPG copyreader to understand their condition. I myself suffered horribly for fifteen years and now I have achieved relief and a clear understanding of my IBS condition. The book has a secret to divulge and that is the reason why medicine has not been able to figure out the cause of IBS. It was a logical mistake made by the direction that research chose in their quest for an understanding and cause of IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). This book will change the lives of millions of people.

One last driver that would make you consider Archway Publishing is the staff and the ancillary departments that are available to the author. The Archway approach makes your book project seamless and the entire process is well organized and choreographed. When you entertain the idea of writing a book you need staff to aid you and Archway provides all of the ancillaries back up for you in-house. Their services include editing, book cover design, service personnel contact, website construction and hosting and marketing that includes publicity. After you write a book the end result can be similar to being  lost in a forest and making a loud noise. If there is no one there to hear you then you could not be rescued. If no one is aware that you wrote and published a book then no one will know that your book is available. Archway can carry your book project from inception to a successful completion.

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