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“Beast Blood” is My Creation and Archway was the Machine that Brought It to Life

From time to time, Archway Publishing turns over its blog to its authors, giving them the opportunity to share stories and perspectives about their individual self-publishing journeys. The following are the words of M. A. Levi, author of “Beast Blood.”  For more about the author and her book, visit her Website, FacebookTwitter and Goodreads. Download the Archway Publishing free publishing guide for more information on our supported self-publishing services. 

From the moment I typed the final words from the last chapter of “Beast Blood” onto that blank virtual piece of paper on the computer screen, I knew I had finished something extraordinary. Honestly, I knew it before then, but in my own right it was amazing. It was never my intention to write a book. I never dreamed it was possible. Me? No way! I had no prior experience, no degree, nothing. I was always an avid reader, a poet, but never an author. Nevertheless, inspiration came as sudden as lightning and obsession, along with words of encouragement, carried my determination to seeing it through.

11392958_1630173673914073_3938420631559957583_n After a long nine months of concerns, discouragements from myself, encouragements from others, research, brainstorming, editing, writing and rewriting; I finally created “Beast Blood”. In comparison, I felt like Mary Shelly’s ‘Victor Frankenstein’ when he had finally mended the parts of his creature together and starred at its crude appearance.

Astounded and mystified by how far I had come, I knew it was only the beginning. I needed to bring my book to life and progress it further.

Immediately, my family and I looked to our bookshelves. We flipped to the publisher’s page and wrote down their information. After nearly a month, my research on the countless publishers were void. The publishers that issued the books I read and loved were not a right match for me. Fortunately, it made me even more determined to find what I was looking for. I had came too far and for many reasons, I wouldn’t allow myself to give up. It wasn’t long after that until the solution I needed for my obstacle was found. I clicked on a link for Archway Publishing and progressed my reading. After my research on the company, I had to trust my instinct, which told me ‘this is it’. Immediately, I talked to a friendly consultant and several days later sent in my completed manuscript.

SKU-001012607After a couple weeks time, “Beast Blood” was accepted. I was beyond excited. Finally, I did it! There was still much more to do, but I had found the ‘machine’ that would bring my creation, “Beast Blood,” to life. Unlike the dark regretful nature of Victor Frankenstein, I didn’t have any. I knew when working with Archway Publishing I could trust their experience and dedication. I worked incredibly hard on “Beast Blood” and putting so much into it. What I liked most about Archway Publishing is that they respected that my manuscript was near and dear to my heart. The staff members that lead me through the entire process were wonderful professionals. I loved working with them and openly accepted their great ideas. Now, that “Beast Blood” is published and title live, their continuous help has made me even more successful and confident as a new author. Overall, we worked together to create something wonderful and for everything they have done to make the experience worth reliving, I am beyond grateful.

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