Building Blocks for Writing

The following are the words of  Ralph Mosgrove, Archway Publishing author of  “Saying Thanks and Beyond.” Learn more about Ralph on his author Facebook page. Download the Archway Publishing free publishing guide for more information on our supported self-publishing services.

Drawing Inspiration

 1. Examine a life-changing experience in life and formulate thoughts on paper. Starting with Title, Sub-Title and an outline. For me it was my wife, Elsie who provided the impetus for this book. Her disabling fall, in 2008, breaking her hip and back changed our lives dramatically.

 2. After her death in 2015 I began thinking about our conversations concerning people who offered themselves by opening doors for her as she approached with her four-wheel walker. This act of kindness, repeated over and over, caused us to say, what more can you say beyond “Thank You” to these considerate, compassionate people.

Crafting an Outline

3. Develop an outline. Make a list of titles and subtitles. Don’t throw it away because your first choice may not be the one you finally settle on. Every sample you write out will have a different ring to it. And the rights one will pop-out, as your read them and speak them out loud. You will know “The One!”

 Organizing Content

4. Arrange illustrations and commentary in an orderly form. That’s why you need an outline. Even that will change as you uncover the story. Don’t repeat a word in the same paragraph. Two to three paragraphs later you might be able to use it again. Go to the online Thesaurus or buy one at the used book store. Alternate words keep up interest.

Choosing Archway

5. Find a publisher. Editors, Query letters, agents, book cover designers, marketing specialists, are invaluable if you don’t know your way through the maze of publishing. If you go directly to self publishing businesses, you risk the chance of putting out something that is unpolished, error-ridden, cluttered with mistakes, out of order, poor syntax, and cast aside because readers won’t waste their time on unfinished products.

6. That’s why I found Archway Publishing of Simon & Schuster:

Speaking with senior editor, Eric Lundy, I learned that they could do all the publishing leg-work collectively within their organization, rather than farming it out to several different entities, with the possibilities of disconnect from one step to the other.

Saying Thanks and Beyond

7. I subscribed to their plan, submitted my manuscript and worked with Kayla Stobaugh, my concierge. She guided me through all the preparatory steps. Three edits; Developmental, Content, and Quality Review, cover design, all preparing for publication. It took six months to reach this place before it went to the printer. Tom McQuaide, Senior Marketing Consultant contacted me about tutorial training on social and traditional marketing tools. Promotions in catalogs, businesses and Book Expo America in New York, exposed my book for public review.

Publishing with Archway

8. I made contacts with civic organization, churches and libraries for Book Reads and signings, Amazon.com orders and a special designer website (still under development at this writing) are now part of the Archway support system. They have access to Book Expos, and are arranging signings for me. I am sure; this attention would be hard won through outside avenues leading to the book getting published. That’s why I latched on to Archway Publishing. You should try them. You’ll like them too!


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