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Christmas Stories to Read to the Little Ones

We’ve gone through Archway Publishing’s huge bookstore and picked out some Christmas books we thought you might like to read this holiday season! Leave a comment below if you read and enjoyed these books and let us know which Christmas books are your favorite. There are so many to choose from!

Angelo is only sixteen months old, but he is old enough to know that something is going on. There is excitement everywhere. Beautiful music, songs about joy and cheer fill the air. 602667_XLThere are mysterious bundles and boxes in all corners, and there is a beautiful tree covered in lights and colorful balls in his house. There’s magic in the air, and the adults keep calling it Christmas. What is Christmas?
Join Angelo as he experiences the events of Christmas with his family—the sights, sounds, food, and fun. He meets Santa Claus and sees the eighty-foot Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center. And then on Christmas Day, he has lots of presents to open and play with, along with his family.

Bringing back memories of a child’s experiences of the holiday season, this children’s book recalls the joy and wonder of Christmas through the eyes of a toddler.

ResizeImageHandlerAt Christmas time, Steven—who is already dealing with a new home and school—sees only two presents for him under his grandmother’s Christmas tree. When he finally opens the gifts on Christmas morning, he is disappointed. Inside the boxes are only paper and a box of crayons. Unhappy, Steven runs to his bedroom. Even so, he feels bad for his grandmother and decides to draw her a picture for Christmas. But when the picture comes alive before his eyes, Steven can hardly believe his luck.

Now he can use the crayons to draw and transport himself into any adventure he can imagine! Steven first draws food, and then toys, and finally a land made of candy. As Steven creates one adventure after the other, he rides in a hot air balloon, becomes king of a village, and hikes in a jungle. Whenever he puts his crayons away, he returns back to his bed—safe and sound. But one night when Steven arrives home after yet another adventure, he sees a strange, orange light under his door. What could it be?

In this children’s tale, a little boy learns that people are more valuable than things when he uses his simple Christmas gifts for good.

ResizeImageHandler (1)In just a few short weeks, it will be Christmas. Every year, Chloe and her mommy and daddy go to a special gift store to do some shopping. It is an important tradition! The store is the place they go to pick out their yearly Christmas ornament, and it makes you feel like you are in a Christmas story yourself! This is no ordinary shopping trip.

Back at home, something magical happens to a box of Christmas ornaments when the full, bright December moon mixes with a magical snowfall. The ornaments come to life and start talking to each other. One of the ornaments learns a valuable lesson about bullying, and all of them learn about being respectful to each other.

With colorful illustrations, Enchanted Snowflakes narrates a Christmas story in which everyone learns about the gift of friendship and that everyone is important—everyone matters.

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