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Following Your Dreams

The following are the words of Christine Lourenco, Archway Publishing author of “For the Love of the Ocean” and “Commuter Bob.” For more about Christine, check out her website, Facebook, and TwitterDownload the Archway Publishing free publishing guide for more information on our supported self-publishing services. 

Realizing My Childhood Dream

Writing was something I did throughout my childhood. It started with a passion for reading when I was young. I read one book a day and often visited the library to take out more books. Fiction was my preferred genre, to escape to another world. I had always kept diaries and journals and enjoyed writing poetry. Different characters and stories would often pop up in my daydreams. I would think how great it would be to put those thoughts into a story or even a movie. It never crossed my mind though at the time that this was something I wanted to pursue. Later in life, I was reminded that storytelling was something in my heart. It was a dream of mine.

Writing Down My Daydreams

As I grew older and had a family, I realized more and more that the daydreaming that I had always done could possibly be written down. On a family vacation in Portugal, we spent some time at a beautiful, vibrant beach area called Algarve. As usual, I would daydream as I stared out into the ocean and was reminded once again of stories that would pop into my head. It was in that moment that I decided to finally put the pen to paper and start writing. I had a specific story in my head and once I started writing, I couldn’t stop. I had written over twenty thousand words in just a day or two and I realized that my whole life, this had been my true passion.

Self-publishing Through Archway

Once my story was complete, I wondered how I could bring it to life though to share with others. After mailing out query letters to hundreds of agents and publishers, I saw how difficult the journey could be without connections. Instead of letting it stop me, I started to research self-publishing options and came across Archway Publishing. I felt that Archway offered the benefits of self-publishing to get my work out there to the masses. They also had the resources of a professional publishing company for cover art, printing and editing expertise. Archway offered the best of both worlds and I anxiously submitted my work and took the step to making my dream become a reality.

Pursue Your Dreams

Now, through Archway Publishing, I have two books already and am working on a third book right now. Everyone’s journey to publishing or even just writing is different. I have learned that if you have a dream in your heart, you should pursue it with all you can. Life is short and you should never have regrets to not trying something. Even if my books don’t end up on a best-seller list, it’s an accomplishment that I can be proud of and will still passionately pursue. I hope that people will read these stories that have been in my dreams and in my heart, and enjoy them. My best advice to people who want to write or publish is to take a chance on yourself and follow your dreams. You never know where they will take you.

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