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Publishing “A Gift of Love”

From time to time, Archway Publishing turns over its blog to its authors, giving them the opportunity to share stories and perspectives about their individual self-publishing journeys. The following are the words of Linda Della Donna, author of “A Gift of Love.”  For more about Linda and her book, visit her website at or on Facebook. Download the Archway Publishing free publishing guide for more information on our supported self-publishing services. 

I began writing, A Gift of Love, shortly after my husband died. A Gift of Love was written to fulfill a deathbed promise to my late husband, Edward Sclier. That was in 2004.

Thirty-five thousand words, five years and many drafts later, and after making the rounds I was confident A Gift of Love was ready for submission. And I wondered, Should I or shouldn’t I, self-publish.

I began to submit to mainstream publishing houses but without success. Time passed and I began to worry would I/could I fulfill my promise to my husband. Rejection letters were piling up at an alarming rate. Seemed soon as I had licked the envelope seeking publication and mailed it off, before the glue could dry a response rejection letter was tucked neatly in my mailbox.

SKU-000735228 It wasn’t long before I was asking self-published author friends for advice—Where did you go to publish your work? and Who do you recommend?

I received a lot of suggestions and I checked them out. I visited self-publishing websites. I read self-published books. But always I came away disappointed. I didn’t like the finished product. Covers didn’t look professional. I noticed book spines didn’t have the title or author’s name; print size was too tiny; the paper was flimsy—I didn’t like the feel. I noticed misprints, misspellings, and ink globs. I wondered why?

I worked very hard on A Gift of Love. A Gift of Love was my baby, now grown and ready to be set free into a new world. More than anything, I wanted A Gift of Love to look its very best. Deeply disappointed at results of self-publishing, I began thinking, A Gift of Love might never be published, and worse my promise to my late husband would go unfulfilled.

One morning over a cup of coffee at the corner deli, I read in the New York Times an article on self-publishing. Simon and Schuster announced they had made the decision to get in on the self-publishing market and had creating Archway Publishing.

The lights went on in my head. I liked Simon and Shuster. I liked their books, several of which I had read and many lined my bookshelves. When I thought about it, I liked the idea that “A Gift of Love” could have the imprint, “Archway Publishers, Division of Simon and Schuster.” I liked more that I could boast those same words when asked “Who published your book?” for A Gift of Love.

1239582_511864338902435_405736449_nI ripped out the article, circled the website, and that same morning I got online and researched what Archway had to offer. The rest is history.

Archway‘s website was easy to navigate. Contacts were provided and detailed information outlining the entire process was provided. Being visual, I especially liked that the packages offered were color-coded, arranged in columns, and placed on one page making it easy for me to review without having to scroll and arrow back or forward. I liked that costs were itemized. It wasn’t necessary for me to sit with pen and paper to figure out what I could and could not afford. It was all listed and totaled.

That same day I filled out the on-line application form and hit Send. Within twenty-four hours, my telephone was ringing and I was speaking with an Archway representative. Soon my manuscript was submitted, and I was waiting to hear back to see if A Gift of Love was accepted. One week later, YIPPEE! I heard back. A Gift of Love had been accepted.

Of course there was still work to do—edits, more polishing, cover work and still more edits. And I had time. Archway was patient and I felt no pressure. From the very start, Archway was there for me and A Gift of Love. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Archway. Their editors, publicists, designers and marketers and their entire staff are wonderful, thoughtful, kind professionals. I welcomed their comments and guidance. I’m a new author and I needed to make A Gift of Love, be the best it could be.I welcomed their advice. From table of contents to completed chapters to cover design, everyone involved in the process had my back.

The great part was I got to attend the BEA Book Expo of America held at the Jacob Javits Center in Manhattan, stay at a hotel with special discount supplied by Archway, meet other authors, publishers and editors from around the globe, attend a special cocktail party honoring Archway authors, and most of all see A Gift of Love posed elegantly on a shelf for all the world to see.

I am grateful.

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